Microscopy grid Breguer 3,05mm - BKGS2X0.530P

Microscopy grid Mesh Breguer – BKGS2X0.530P. The standard size for this product is 3.05mm but it can be made in 2.03 if desired. It’s a quality product manufactured in Europe proposed by our teams to meet your needs in microscopic imaging.


SKU BKGS2X0.5N30P Category
SKU BKGS2X0.5N30P Category


Microscopy grid Mesh Breguer – BKGS2X0.530P is a product from Breguer & Krugger brand. Expert in laboratory products, discover a wide range of high quality microscopy grid sample holders.

Technical specifications:
Hole width (um) : 2000X500

Our grids can be used in all types of imaging technologies such as SEM, CryoEM or TEM.

if you have a large order volume, contact us so that we can study special prices for you.